Saturday, August 11, 2007

Teaching Math - Update

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We've been teaching Eann Math about a month plus now since 25 June 07. We don't follow exactly the schedule stated in Glenn Doman's book but refer to it as a guideline. We cannot show exactly 3 equations x3 sessions and 2sets x 5 dot cards x 3 sessions perday for some reasons. We do our best and below is what we have done to-date.

Dot Cards shown: 1 to 50
Equations - Addition: 78 sets
Equations - Subtraction: 15 sets


Hua Keng said...

Oh..wat a cute baby! : ) I heard that it is good to let toddler start listen to music.. which would activate their brain development & creativity..

Ren said...

Hi Mei, are you still continuing with your Glenn Doman flash cards? First is just to show him the numbers, right? Without the equation first, is that right? Thinking of trying out, but just want to make sure I'm getting it right. :)

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